Hand Brewed Coffee

Espresso Drinks

Specialty Drinks


Loose Leaf Tea

Affogato (Seasonal)



Caramel Macchiato




Macchiato (Traditional)

Mocha/White Mocha

Chai Latte (house made 24hr process)

Maple Latte (100% pure maple)

Lavender-Vanilla Latte (house made syrup)

Mexican Mocha (chili infused honey)

Salted Caramel Latte

Creme' Brûlée' Latte (in house, fired top)

Bondi Latte

Smore's Latte (house made Marshmallow fired)

Peppermint Mocha (house made syrup)

NITRO COLD BREW (48 hour process)

We use organic non-gmo ingredients starting with the base brew production. This ancient Chinese health tonic is made through a fermentation process resulting in high probiotic bacteria (vital for stomach and health), natural sugars (through natural fruit mash), and amazing flavor and health benefits. 

Flavors change regularly and are subject to seasonal availability of fruit and herbs.

Offerings Rotate consistently as we direct source from small farms and coalitions. Check the Store or contact us for current whole bean offerings.

Dragonwell (green tea)

Red Scare (Rooibos, cinnamon, rose vanilla)

Earl Grey

Pastries/Food Items

Coffee Cake/Seasonal Equivalent

Seasonal Dessert Bars

Cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, seasonal)

Seasonal Pastries

Breakfast Sandwich (made to order)

Panini of the Day (house made ingredients)

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