The idea of Darren Ellis and Reuben Silberman, Mugshots was born out of a career change and desire of the two former law enforcement officers to truly make a difference in the community and the world as a whole.


It was the goal and reality come to fruition that they not just raise the standard for coffee and tea in their local area, but make an impact on a global scale.


Mugshots Sources direct trade beans from small farms and small farm coalitions to ensure sustainable wages and growth in third world regions plagued by hyper inflation, impoverished wages, and having coffee being the primary export.


At the heart of Mugshots is the Chemex. Every Cup is made to order, ensuring the very best extraction possible to bring out the nuances and profiles of each single origin bean. We are focused on the coffee and highlighting the bean in each cup, be it a pour over, latte, or specialty drink. 


The team at  Mugshots takes extreme pride in every cup served. While we have won competition medals with our offerings, we know that it would not be possible for us to do so without the behind the scenes work put in from the germination of each plant in regions from Ethiopia, Uganda, Guatemala, Columbia, and the various other countries and farmers we source from. 

From the team at Mugshots Coffee and Tea: Thank you for your support of not just us, but the bigger picture of sustainability in regions needing support across the globe. 

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